IPSSZB Election 2022 Announcements

List of Eligible Voters for the 2022 election
Biodata – Dr Abhay Matkar
Biodata – Dr Raveesh BN
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Dear Colleague,

Greetings from the Election Commission, IPS South Zonal Branch. The present elections starting from 15th September 2022 are set to elect the Vice President cum President Elect. Bio-data and photograph of both candidates are etched below. Details of digital voting process are furnished for your guidance. Kindly go through the details before going ahead to vote. Mobile phone number and e mail id given in the eligible voter’s list are your credentials to enter the portal.

Elections represent our collective responsibility of choosing one among us to lead the South Zonal Branch. Voting represents the compulsive exercise of each of us to participate.

We, the members of Election Commission remind each colleague of the ‘right to exercise’ and invite each one to ‘exercise the right’.

Thanking each one of you and with warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. S. Sabhesan.

Dr. Kasthuri Pandayan

Dr. Mayuranath Reddy.

13th September 2022.

Steps for E-voting.

  1. Member has to login with his/her IPS fellowship number, mobile number and email id registered with IPS.
  2. Once the details are matched with IPS records, member will receive a voting pin i.e OTP a One Time Password on his/her mobile number and email within 5 minutes.
  3. The OTP is valid for 30 minutes with only 5 chances to regenerate. Once vote is casted no new OTP can generated.
  4. Once an OTP is verified. The Ballot paper gets enabled for casting the vote.
  5. Choose candidates of your choice by clicking on checkbox and then click on submit your vote.
  6. By clicking on “Submit your vote” you will receive this message. “Thank you. Your vote has been successfully registered. Ballot Exercised” on the screen.